Business Strength

For the longest time, I have considered myself tough, either through justification of logic or sheer size, but it is definitely a test of strength to start a business. My analytical brain has reasoned it down to one thing, want/desire. Today at the bar was the most successful yet, as far as food sales. It is amazing the heightened sense of cost, once it is realized that I have to buy more, if I waste more. With the heightened sense of cost, and the enjoyment of selling a sandwich for six dollars, I am becoming sort of used to this thing called reality. Moving forward with this thought, converations with cab drivers have led me to the fact that chicken wings need to be on the menu. I explained the confit method in mind, but was immediately shot down because some people like to pick at dem bones. It is about feeding the public a good meal that they like, not me trying to always reinvent the wheel. The lessons of life are like a velvet hammer softly punching you in the face, getting hammered can be fun, but there is always a price. So if you happen to like food, I like to cook. What we offer is personally cooked food for an amazing value.

Lunch Wednesday

Chicken Liver Toast $3
Chips & Dip $6
Hamburger $6
Blackened Chicken Bun $6
Jambalaya Sandwich $6
Grilled Cheese $5
Cheesed Hamburger $7

*xtra idaho slices $2

If you want to know what extra idaho slices are, stop by

116 University Place
New Orleans, Louisiana

Food Conquers All

It has been four days since sailing the winds of small business ownership, or lease, and have felt the wind in my face. The winds velocity fluctuates between every emotion imagineable, but there is one sail, food, which pushes through all. It is the belief and passion that at the end of the day, food will make everything okay, and it has. The guests so far have been more than enthusiastic, enjoying the food and my long winded explanations of the simple food. But if I didn't, it wouldn't be me, and what's the point if you aint you. Appreciate the ear folks.

RHB Hours
11-2pm Lunch
6pm-2am Dinner

116 UNiversity Place