The Infant Sheep (Lamb)

"All of us at Elysian Fields have discovered one thing for certain, how insignificant and out of focus we all can be in relating to the natural order all around us. We live within a miracle that continues to reveal itself, the dynamics of which we can barely begin to grasp. We feel, for some reason, that we are the center of this natural process when in reality we are completely outside. We have been given a great gift, a gift of choice, which we have decidedly developed into authority over all things. Or so we think. We have moved away as a culture and a society from “real” values, which has in turn removed us from our true mother….earth. No longer are we connected to the soil as all other things are. No wonder our walks in the park rejuvenate us, why getting our hands dirty feels so good. Within the order of nature exist the relationships which are its very fabric. Within these relationships are inter-dependencies proving we are all one, not The One."
Elysian Field's Lamb (Raw)

When in New Orleans, mentioning the phrase Elysian Fields can bring to mind a street.  Here in Pennsylvania, it is a lamb and a philosophy.  Purchasing a leg yesterday, led to the discovery of another great company in the food business.  A company which chooses to do things the correct way, rather than the easy way.

Pecan Smoked Lamb/Thyme Smoked Clams (Cooking)

Smoked Leg O' Lamb (Shhhhh.Resting)

Representing two cooking methods for the lamb, the top round was seared on the stove, reaching a well-rested rare. When someone has taken the time to raise an animal well, cook it with a purpose.

Butter-Seared Top Round (Cooking)

Visiting family is alway good times.  As a cook, it is an opportunity to nourish both the mind and soul of people which have shaped one's life.