Food Narrative

    The plot line is simple, find good stuff, meet good people, then cook a meal.  Illustrating just that, the above image is what yielded from a walk to the Uptown Farmer's Market.  The catfish were caught in Des Allemands, Louisiana just ten hours before my purchasing, and eleven to twelve hours before they were consumed.  To the left of the main character, we have a plate of supporting ingredients.  Mizuna and Spring Onions from Garyville, Louisiana; Radish Sprouts from St.  Francisville, Louisiana; Shrimp from MR.GO (courtesy of the Army Corps of Engineers).
    The meal came together, and conversation followed.  The conversation then yielded a fresh Daikon Radish from a farmer down the street, who I have yet to meet, but can attest to the degree of product...Amazing!
If you happen upon this, keep checking back for details of upcoming PPX Dinner Club menu and reservation instructions.  Merry Christmas from Me & Food.

What it means to be from New Orleans.

    Tonight, a meal was shared with some of the best people that I know, present and past.  Being from the best city in the United States comes with both ups and downs.  People do not understand the mentality that is shared by people from New Orleans. 

    Living below sea level has supressed the sense of urgency and replaced it with a sense of enlightenment.  The barometric pressure and hurricane consitency has allowed a culture of young Americans which enjoy the holiday season as it shoul be, a time to celebrate and continue life-long friendships shared over a meal with libations progressing conversation and toasts into Christmas carrols. 

  Here are some pictures that shall never be forgotten as a New Orleanian.  Cleaning up a mess is only natural for a culture that measures success in tonage of garbage, Mardi Gras.  Enjoy and come eat at PRAVDA! for new New Orleans cuisine.

PRAVDA! is located at 1113 Decatur Street New Orleans, Louisiana 70116!
See you soon, yeah?