Each Year Is New.

    At this point last year, I was on an island off the coast of South Carolina making Grand Marnier souffles.  This year, I will be in a great city making pierogies.  Same date, different city, different food, same old Matthew.  Not sure why people look towards a certain day, or event, to spark a change they see so evident in their lives.  The moral of the story is do not wait until the next New Year's Eve to change something in your life, do it as it comes, and let the worries of life fall by the way side. A thought becomes an idea, an idea becomes words, words lead must lead to action.  We are at the beginning of an American Cuisine Food Evolution, and look forward to smelling the winds of gastronomy as they feed the fire for progress in cuisine, and my life.

And in this new year, I will continue to cook food and live.

When the sun goes down, build a fire.