Another Dough Fear Conquered

    Above, is what captured my eye as I sauntered to work through the French Quarter.  It is the alley to the left of St. Louis Cathedral between Royal Street & Jackson Square.  The picture has almost nothing to do with the dough fear, except, it is what inspires me to cook.  Simple natural beauty is overwhelming, as is dough, to me.  Cooking, like sports, is mostly mental.  Yesterday I made gnocchi for the first time in my short life, and was enthusiastically happy about the outcome.  Little details, roasted versus boiling, yielded a light airy dough that took well to the San Marzano tomato sauce and arugula which accompanied it.  The first step to cooking, is throwing out any fear of failure.  Allow yourself to make mistakes, learn from them, and make it better.  Learning about life from a potato dumpling seems to be insane, but it is this insanity that pushes progress.  Confidence is tasted in food, so next time you cook, enjoy the process of cooking, and your guests will thank you for it.

 For those people who have stopped by for a meal at PRAVDA!, I appreciate your time and business.  

Matthew Elliott Kopfler
1113 Decatur Street 
Amazing, Louisiana 70116

New Orleans Uptown Lunch Club

    It was the good fortune of mine to be able to cook, enjoy the company of friends, and meet new friends this afternoon at the Shrimp Creole Cooking Luncheon.  Morning was spent gaining caffeination and walking with Breaux to the Uptown Square Farmer's Market, in order to cook with the Wagner Family.  Food was bought, food was chopped, conversations were shared, food was cooked, food was eaten, and again, conversations shared.  Eating and conversating is a simple formula, that we as people, should slow down and appreciate.  And don't forget, as I sometimes do, conversating well involves listening well. 


Rocket, Scallion, Quail Egg, & Sprout Salad
Shrimp Creole & Jasmine Rice


Chateaux Du Sink
(New Orleans Tap Water)


    As you can see, or may have noticed, I have discovered stop action photography.  It seems to be an interesting way of telling the food story with pictures.  While it is a new discovery, like most things good, it can only get better with practice, so bare with me as I learn to tell the story of food from my perspective.