And The Ducking Champion Is.............

Go-Duck-Yourself! Pardon? Go-DUCK-Yourself! It was the best party of this short-lived year.  Ideas for the party started to float around earlier in the week over beers at a basketball game, and the end result was why New Orleans is absolutely the best city in America.  Although it could have happened anywhere, it didn't.  It happened all over Sycamore Street, two houses, three porches, a backyard, and a driveway was the backdrop for the gastronomic competition.  


Justin Roubion


Nolan Peters

The cast of characters which made up the Go-Duck-Yourself competition all hailed from the great state of Louisiana.  Lest we not forget, about the real protagonist for the evening, DUCK.  All ducks consumed during the competition were provided by our great state, and exemplifies one of the many great natural resources "The Sportsman's Paradise" has to offer.

Justin Roubion - Duck Poor Boy
Nolan Peters - Duck Poppers

Ryan Buck - Fowl Tomatoes
Matthew Kopfler - Duck Sushi

Justin Whalen - Duck Gumbo

And so now that you have met the competitors, and some of their dishes, we move on to the judging portion of the evening.  Seven judges were selected randomly from a hat, and sequestered (no joke) on the porch, so as not to influence one another with personal critiques.  

The host of ceromonies for the evening guided the guests through the detailed judging process.  As seen in the background, security was provided by the dog Breaux, who walked ninja-like amongst guests ensuring safety for all.


         The judging process progressed with the help of the       operational director, Whitney, and the accounting director, Danielle, to determine the winner.  The margin of victory was slim, with first and second place being decided by a mere half point.  Here were the final standings (I think).

1 - Justin Roubion

2 - Nolan Peters

3 - Ryan Buck

4 - Justin Whalen

5 - Matthew Elliott Kopfler

And with all of the competition behind, but still fresh in the air, the party moved to the driveway.  Under the stars, with a cool breeze in the air, a microphone attached to an    amplifier was waiting to be greeted.  It was met well with music and revelry.  


And the night ended.

Special thanks to everyone that cooked and consumed, for there were many.  
All of the photographs in this blog were provided by Chris Wertz.

If I have forgotten something, or misrepresented the event in anyway, please feel free to contact me.