Gastronomic Thoughts

What is the difference between food and art? Some say none, some may say a little, but I say that there are more similarities than differences between the two. Sure, food is art, but when was the last time you ate a painting or smelled a picture? That is the major difference, to me, food becomes more personal since you are actually ingesting the creation and not simply admiring it. Food can be heightened to the level of art, but can also remain on the level of simple sustenance. When food becomes art it should appeal to all of the senses. The visual flavor of food should make your eyes salivate; the aroma should build the anticipation of the first bite; the sound of a good conversation served over a meal should enhance the flavor of the food, and finally the last part, you ingest the first bite and the piece of edible art finally consumed can either be a Monet or a Monot, but that is the beauty of it all. The autonomy of art related to food is once a dish is created the cook's opinion is null and void, but it is up to the consumer to decide. Not sure why I decided to write this little rant, but I did. So eat whatever you want to eat, and trust your own opinion.

Heading Home

Been away for a while, in the midst of a suspension and redirection of the culinary journey a few things have developed. New Orleans, the place I call home, is the next stop on this adventure. Been out of New York, and in Boston for the last two months, honing my cooking and mannying skillz with the family. Whilst in Boston, I have had the privilege of creating meals seven nights a week for a family of six, seven including me. The dishes have ranged from boxed macaroni and cheese to deconstructed fried risotto (think fried rice, but not all together). The volume in the house has ranged from above shouting to the simple quiet of a family enjoying a good meal with each other. Moving forward the next stop on the proverbial food train is New Orleans. Not sure what type of employment will present itself, but I have a place to live, a dog, and some developing gastronomic ambitions. The food on this evening's menu is a bit out of season, but taking advantage of some stale bread, decided to make an oyster mushroom bread pudding. The savory baked delight will be served alongside grilled tuna, poblano vinaigrette, and some sauteed broccoli. So cooking is continuing, traveling is on the horizon, and the future holds itself to be quite interesting. It will be a festive weekend in the land of the baked bean (Boston; Beantown)...birthday, first communion, and mother's day. Hope all is well out there.