Artisitc Vision

   What is artistic vision? To be honest I have only an idea, and that idea is personal and unique to me, as any artist has a unique perspective.  Pushing through at PRAVDA!, I have met a lot of interesting people.  People that would not normally cross into my world.  With this intersection of people, it has defined my artistic vision of food.
    Everyone has to eat, but only some enjoy it.  Looking at the term enjoyment, it is once again an opinion.  Food is a medium for art that is more personal than any other, when was the last time you ate a painting? or a picture?  And if you did, it probably did not taste good.  Presenting food to the public is an amazing thing.  It does not hang on a wall and wait for people to be interested.  It is a narrative art.  People order what they want from a description of the art.  It is then up to the Chef-Ninja to either, exceed or fail, mediocrity is not an option.  The narrative's plot line is completely up to the narrator.  The point of the story is, come eat food at PRAVDA!, choose a story, sit back and let me show your palate the plot line.
    The story below is of a culinary adventure on Nantucket with a past friend.  Biking to the local fish market, then to Bartlet farms, it was a glorious island day.  Behind the plate of food, is the technique.  The entire meal was cooked on a tiny grill.  What you see is butter tarragon poached lobster, smoked grilled halibut, BLTS melange, lemon avocado sauce with a drizzle of Italian Olive Oil.  Complex simplicity is the theme.
   If this makes no sense, then come chat me up at 1113 Decatur and we chat over a meal, after I cook it.