Since we last spoke...

Waking from the nap and now beginning the stretch with purpose into the avenue which guides this ship of gastronomy, I was able to cook for a few good people over the past couple threeve days.

Every Tuesday @Pal's Lounge in Mid-City Taco's are served up for only a buck, not the male dear, but a tendered United States Dollar. The basic buck taco includes chicken, cheese, tortilla and beans with additional accouterments at the ready on a table with the napkins.  I was fortunate enough to cook there for a short-lived four nights, but left with a wealth of taco knowledge.

The key to cooking a good taco it seems is really the tortilla.  A good tortilla can go along way in the flavor of the taco, and is vital as a vessel of eatability to the other ingredients that should be so fresh, so clean.  Pure rustic flavors for a buck.  

Pal's Lounge
949 N. Rendon Street
New Orleans, Louisiana


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